Bespoke Brompton Bike Bags


2010: Brompton, London, EnglandBrompton Bag

A collaborative project for Bespoke Bicycle Bags which I worked on whist studying at Cordwainers, London College of Fashion.

This sparked off my interest in androgynous styling and functional carry… and led me down the next path to become the leather design intern at Alfred Dunhill.

I am hoping to revisit this properly in the future. The bag was well received and still gets a lot of interest. Brompton bikes are increasingly popular.

Brompton bags have recently been designed by Ally Capellino in collaboration with Carradice. Bike bags are an exciting area to develop, lots of problems dying for answers.

I love exploring the marrying of techy fabrics etc with fashion and design.

-Wax cottons (favourite of Ally Capellino)

-Lightweight nylon

-Coated canvas


-Coated leathers

Check out: for new and exciting materials to work with

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